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Gone But not Forgotten: an Ozark autumn to be remembered

Gone But Not Forgotten: an Ozark autumn to be remembered


Suella Thrasher

MULBERRY RIVER HORSES: quarter horses for performance or pleasure
Book: "Gone..."

AJ travels from Seattle to the beautiful Arkansas Ozarks searching for her biological roots after the death of her adoptive father. She retraces the steps of her great grandmothers as noted in a long lost journal.  She finds family treasures and friends along the way but most of all discovers the faithfulness of God.
Take this journey through land and time and ponder questions posed at the end of the book.
Does God really answer prayer?  Do prayers have expiration dates?
Is it contradictory to be disappointed with life and God, even to despair, and yet have faith in Him?
How does a christian respond to feelings of hopelessness, despair,and regret?

 To find out book signing schedule or other activities, use the contact page to contact me.  I am available for presentations to local clubs or ladies' church meetings.


Book excerpt:  "AJ suddenly realized that she had family and roots.  She belonged, and was a single thread woven in and through a large colorful tapestry....Right now, she was trying to find herself, and God was restoring to her that which had been lost.  All of the anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, sadness and fear she had undergone in the past six months was being buried underneath God's tender-loving blessings.  Her faith and steadfastness to Him was being rewarded." Ch. 29

Books are available in hard back, soft cover, or digital formats.

You may order from the WestBow Press Bookstore or your preferred book seller such as Christian Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

The following information may be helpful when you order: ISBN for hard cover is 978-1-5127-3377-8; soft cover 978-1-5127-3375-4; digital 978-1-5127-3376-1

Distribtors are Ingram and SpringHarbor. 


If you purchase a book and would like it signed, I will be glad to send you a personalized sticker to place in the book cover. Please use the "contact" page of this website to request a sticker. Be sure to fill out the boxes providing your address. Thank you. Suella